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I offer Consulting services for various businesses on short, medium & long term basis.

I specialise in:

Marketing & Promotions, including making sure your “Product Offering” is on point for your Target Market. 

I can do this to varying degrees upon consultation with the client & their needs.

  1. “Set-Up Basis”; where I set up the Marketing & Promotional Campaigns & then turn it over to the Business Owner &, or their staff to run with detailed manuals on how to do so.
    I can come in on a monthly or quarterly basis to tweak & update what is required.
  2. “On-Going Basis”; where I set up & maintain the Marketing & Promotional Campaigns on an ongoing basis, allowing Small Businesses to outsource their Marketing efforts to me.
  3. “Help! Fix It!”; this is for clients that have set up or partly set up their Marketing & Promotional Campaigns, yet they are not working, or maintaining them has become too overwhelming. I can get the campaign back on track & continue to keep it travelling well on the tracks and ensure the right Marketing & promotions are being done.

If you have a business and you are not reaping the rewards like you hoped you would, reach out and we can have a conversation about what is possible.