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I offer Consulting services for various businesses on short, medium & long term basis.

I specialise in:

Tweaking & Launching ideas that make people HUGE incomes.

Marketing & Promotional Campaigns that put Businesses on the map.
I can do this to varying degrees depending on the clients needs:

  1. “Set-Up Basis”; where I set up the Marketing & Promotional Campaigns & then turn it over to the Business Owner &, or their staff to run with detailed manuals on how to do so.
  2. “On-Going Basis”; where I set up & maintain the Marketing & Promotional Campaigns on an ongoing basis, allowing Small Businesses to outsource their Marketing efforts to me.
  3. “Help! Fix It!”; this is for clients that have set up or partly set up their Marketing & Promotional Campaigns, yet they are not working, or maintaining them has become too overwhelming. I can get the campaign back on track & continue to keep it travelling well on the tracks.

Human Resource Management which is vital for any Business, as you can have the best Marketing & Promotions in the world, but without great staff dealing with your customers, your repeat customers & up-sales will be nonexistent and therefore a waste in traffic.

Including but not limited to; Recruiting, Outlining Job Descriptions, Outlining Letters Of Offer, Overseeing Training Modules, Mystery Shopper Programs, Customer Service Improvements, Disciplinary Action Implementation, Dismissal.

Policies & Procedures Implementation & Manual Writing for a Business is critical in keeping the Business running smoothly with streamlined policies & procedures. This becomes every more critical when the Business expands to more of the same Businesses or possibly looks at Franchising its Business Model.

Profit Optimisation is a fabulous way to increase the bottom line by tweaking what you currently offer to decrease costs and increase profits even if no more traffic comes through the doors.

Stock Control profitability of a Business is a simple formula. Income vs Expenses = Profit. The most critical component to this is Stock Control, as unfortunately, this is where most Australian Businesses lose a large part of their Profits is to poor Stock Control.